APS braking power: meet our namesake

APS (Aviation Products Systems) is a leading manufacturer of FAA-PMA replacement brake discs and pads, and the developer of the high-quality original “BlackSteel”® brake disc, which has established itself as the benchmark among aircraft brake discs. CNC machined from a premium-quality alloy-steel forging, these brakes are a true blend of strength and durability. APS brakes are built to provide unparalleled performance and heat treated to give them their characteristic “BlackSteel”® appearance.

APS “BlackSteel”® brake discs and linings have been proven their potential in close-formation aerobatics of the European Wildcat Aerobatics, precision pairs synchronized flying, and the extreme physical demands of flicking and tumbling in a high performance air-racer.

However, APS brake discs and linings haven’t only shown ultimate braking performance in action. Due to rigorous design and testing process  APS discs and linings are FAA approved direct replacements for the OEM brakes & linings under this PMA approval.


What makes APS Brakes outstanding?





Each disc is manufactured from a single piece, premium quality carbon steel forging. When the metal is forged it creates a directional grain flow that follows the contour of the disc which reduces the risk of cracks and catastrophic failure associated with the inferior welded design.





APS uses the highest technical standards available in its manufacturing processes, producing a disc with extremely precise tolerances. This ensures correct run-out values which eliminate disc vibrations and ensures improved pad to disc fit for better braking and remarkable operation. APS brakes have been tested by demanding dynamometer testing as well as extreme flight testing. offer enhanced wear characteristics and have a high resistance to corrosion and longer life associated with the thermal cycling experienced in the aircraft braking environment.





APS has the capability to maintain extremely tight tolerances with state-of-the-art CNC lathes. When coupled with a well-researched design and extreme testing, the result is a longer-lasting disc with higher performance and greater safety margins.


why should you choose APS Brakes?

  • Cost averages 30% less than the OEM factory parts they are replacing.
  • APS discs paired with APS linings will achieve approximately 30% longer wear
  • Stronger Machining does not affect the strength of the unit as the directional grain flow remains intact and is not cut
  • The heat treatment strengthens the steel by bonding the carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen which makes the top layer of the disc highly resistant to corrosion
  • This is not a coating that will wear off – corrosion resistance remains through the lifetime of the brake
  • The heat treatment gives the steel its“BlackSteel®” appearance and provides a surface with a high-resistance to the corrosion and oxidation associated with the extreme thermal cycling experienced in aircraft braking systems
  • Stock available for most common aircraft


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