APS Breakes now availible for Pilatus PC-12

APS announced the approval of FAA/PMA for the Pilatus PC-12 Aircraft with Cleveland 30-244 Brakes.

The PC-12 was originally delivered with BFG brake assemblies. Parker Hannifin’s Aircraft Wheel and Brake Division offers an STC to install the Cleveland Wheel and Brake kit,  part number 199-241, which includes the 30-244 Brake Assemblies.  Later production models of the PC-12 have the 30-244 brake assemblies installed as OEM. The FAA/PMA approvals we are receiving will be the brake parts used to overhaul the brake assembly.  Although we are offering a brake overhaul kit, which will include the replacement parts necessary to overhaul the brake assembly,  we are also going to offer these parts individually.

APS Flyer – PC12

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