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Some of you might already know that we have an office in Serbia… But don’t do the mistake to think: you have seen one, you have seen them all! aps | aviation parts service d.o.o (aps | Serbia) is our sister company and – as usual in the case of siblings – we share many similarities though aps | Serbia has also its own distinct path and character.

The first cooperation of the two founder Nenad Spasic and Wolfgang Dillbaum-Alexius was ten years ago in an Open Bid contract for the Institute Moma Stanojlovic. The winning and joint realisation of the project stroke sparks followed by the establishment of aps | Serbia. While the original idea was to replicate the German location’s wholesale principle, aps | Serbia soon opted for new business areas: cooperation with military and national institutions in Serbia. The company built a close business relationship with the aircraft factory UTVA, with the Aeronautical Plant Moma Stanojlovic* and Yugoimport-SDPR**.

Today, aps | Serbia is dominantly engaged in delivery of parts and equipment in three distinctive aviation segments: General Aviation (GA), Ground Support Equipment (GSE) and military aviation.

Our both offices in Mönchengladbach and Belgrade cooperate closely in the GA segment. A recent, in fact still ongoing project was the support of a Hungarian company which procured an aircraft fleet from Air Serbia made of a larger number of Cessna and couple Piper Cheyenne aircrafts. aps | Serbia also provided local assistance during the subsequent maintenance of the fleet at SMATSA.

aps | Serbia developed its GSE business independently form the German big sister. Meanwhile, the company delivered a fair share of equipment of Serbian, Bosnian and Croatian airports. The most interesting GSE project of aps | Serbia was the leasing of a de-icing vehicle in Nis when the airport needed to raise its standards promptly by resolving the lack of such equipment. This was the first step to a growing network of airports, handlers, manufacturers and equipment sellers all over Europe.

Since the first successful Open Bid contract of the then start-up, aps | Serbia continued its cooperation with the Institute Moma Stanoljovic and the Serbian Ministry of Defence. The company constantly expanded its sales-portfolio in military aviation. Over the years they assisted in the overhaul of long-range military radars type AN/TPS not only in Serbia but also in Latin-America. Due to the strategical South Eastern European location they had also the chance to participate in spare part distribution projects for Russian military aircrafts.

What are they up to now?

There are two major news in aps | Serbia. After signing a representation and distribution contract with the company 630 Aerospace from Miami, which offers reparations of structure airplane parts, aps Serbia is ready now to be active in the fourth aviation segment: commercial and regional aviation.

On the other hand, aps | Serbia is also committed to the development GA in the Balkans. With the intention to improve a more coherent unity in GA in the region, aps | Serbia initiated the Southeast Europe General Aviation (SEGA) Conference. The event will take place next spring, after the AERO Expo 2021 in the Belgrade Hilton where delegates and leading international companies from GA will present their products and innovations.

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