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about aps | aviation parts service.

excellent quality at affordable prices.

In 2002, Wolfgang Dillbaum-Alexius founded aps with the dedicated goal of procuring spare parts for the aviation in excellent quality at an affordable price. Today, with over 1,100 m2 of warehouse space, aps offers over 60,000 spare parts from 80 renowned manufacturers to over 2,000 steady customers and is represented internationally with locations in Belgium and Serbia. Excellent and affordable PMA parts (Parts Manufacturer Approval) are part of the standard range and have become indispensable for the national and international customer.

Business Units.

  • Sales of aircraft parts and accessories as well as distribution of PMA parts
  • Procurement of “hard to find parts”
  • Replacement and repair of aircraft components
  • Marketing, sale and storage of surplus spare parts (consignment)

your reliable partner for all aircraft spare part requirements.

In addition to the sale of aircraft parts and accessories, aps offers an exchange and repair service for many aircraft components. In addition, aps has specialized in the procurement of difficult to obtain spare parts for rare aircraft, the „hard to find parts“. This service sets industry standards.

The storage and sales of surplus spare parts (consignment) gives customers the opportunity to save storage area and work time – for more profits.

Competent advice from experienced and helpful staff at aps is a matter of course, because at aps every customer request is fulfilled as quickly as possible through efficient logistics. This means that the downtime of your aircraft remains as short as possible – and you’ll be quickly clear to take off.

the extra benefits from aps.

  • Over 60,000 different spare parts in stock on over 1,100 m2
  • Over 2,000 satisfied customers around the world
  • Cooperation with over 80 leading manufacturers and authorized repair centers
  • Certification according to the ISO standard EN9120 for aviation
  • Excellent customer service and efficient logistics
  • Experienced, competent and highly motivated employees with passion for the aviation
  • Professional advice

the aps team | your aviation parts service

general management


Sabine Lomanns

marketing & operations management

Aniko Feher

Alexander Scheufen

sales department

Melinda Balazova

Philipp-Felix Labs

Lars Cremer


Lars Alexius

Roswita Seidel


Domenik Dohmen

Jonas Kretzer

Stefan Müller

Dominik Ackers

Yannic Bleeck


Nina Novicova

Nina Beiten

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