McFarlane announces NEW products

SAFE-HEET™ Silicone Pad Aircraft Engine Heater

Preheat in cold weather for longer engine life
• FAA-PMA approved
• Industry-leading 4-Year Warranty
• Over 30 years of proven quality!
• Warms engine in less than one hour
• Thermally conductive adhesive
• Can be used with a timer or temperature controller


Cessna Landing Gear U-Bolt (P/N MC0541153)

• Save $$$
• Vacuum re-melt crankshaft steel alloy for extreme fatigue resistance
• Rolled “J” threads instead of cut threads for twice the fatigue resistance
• FAA approved ICA allows 1200 hrs service life instead of 1000 hrs as per SE78-68


Cessna Inspection Plates

Now offering replacement inspection plates with multiple finish options and cost savings!
A perfect solution for Cessna 150, 152, 172, and 175 models
• Save $$$
• Replace missing and damaged plates
• Bare, primed, or painted – more options provide easier installation!
• Treated for anti-corrosion
• Quantity discount available
• P/N MCS225-1, -1T, -1B and MCS225-2, -2T, -2B


Cessna 208/208B Control Lock (P/N 2660055-1RA)

• Direct replacement for 2660055-1
• Significantly lower cost $$$


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