our logistics department transformed

We are excited to report about the remodelling of our logistics department. The improved spaces will enable a number of benefits.


new space

As we continued to expand our stock, with over 50.000 line items it was inevitable to create more shelf space. However, we didn’t think in necessities. We have also considered future opportunities. We maximized our horizontal and vertical spaces for future inventory increase, established better separated logistics areas with some item appropriate shelfs (e.g. different tire racks) and extended our consignment capacities. Beside the greater storage capabilities, these changes will improve stock availability and leading to faster delivery for our customers.


digital logistics

The logistics department also gets its fair share of our ongoing digital evolution which shapes the entire processing cycle of products. The aim of digitalising the warehouse receiving process is to do cargo efficient and correct. Our new document management system allows our team to upload and access certificates more easily and preclude certificate errors. By introducing the mobile picking systems and software solutions we focused on achieving higher accuracy to fulfil customer orders.


those x-tra miles

aps continues to value excellent and friendly relationship to our customers. You might know those people on the other end of the phone who tirelessly try to find the best solution for your spare part requests. What you may not know that our logistic guys go the extra mile for you too. If your preferred shipping service already left, but you still have an urgent order: they drive to the next shipping centre to make sure the shipment is dispatched the same day. They organise AOGs and sometimes even deliver your parts in person. They don’t spare on their weekends and ensure that incoming cargo is tariffed mid-air. This allows customs to process the goods faster and saves you days of unnecessary delays.

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