Piper M500 & M600 Replacement Battery RG-41/53 recieved EASA STC Certification

Original equipment Piper P/N 601-910 (24V, 38Ah) is replaced with the higher capacity RG-41/53 24 volt TSO-C173a authorized battery. STC provides for the installation of Concorde RG-41/53 high capacity valve regulated sealed lead acid (VRSLA) battery in place of the original equipment lead acid batteries in PIPER M500 and M600 aircraft.

Concorde’s RG-41/53 battery has the SAME DESIGN footprint and is therefore interchangeable WITHOUT AIRFRAME MODIFICATION!

RG® Battery Advantages:

  • FAA & EASA STC Certified Heavy Duty Sealed Lead Acid Battery
  • Additional capacity for faster starting & reduced engine wear
  • Longer battery life
  • Concorde reliability, dependability & safety
  • Ships Hazmat Exempt
  • Fully recyclable – the green solution
  • Made in the U.S.A

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STC Piper M500 & M600 V5


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