WAT’s announces the all new Parmetheus™ G3

We have some HOT news for you! Whelen Aerospace Technologies announced the newest member of its Parmetheus™ product family, The Parmetheus™ G3. Keeping the tradition of industry leading performance and value, the new G3 Series is 2.5 times brighter than the Parmetheus™ Plus all while maintaining the same form, fit and functionality of a drop-in LED replacement for legacy landing lights. No need to specify voltage as the G3 operates from 14-28 volts!

  • Max Current: 3.8 AMPS @ 14VDC,  1.9 AMPS @ 28VDC
  • Weight: 0.8 lbs.
  • Compatible with all pulse light modules
Model Part # Description
P36G3L 01-0772102-10 Parmetheus™ G3 Par 36 Landing Light 14-28VDC
P36G3T 01-0772102-15 Parmetheus™ G3 Par 36 Taxi Light 14-28VDC




STC Approval expected by Oshkosh. See below for pricing on the Parmetheus G3 assemblies.


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